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David, works with extensive experience in the design and thematization of zoos, designing, projecting and thematizing the different habitats of the species.
David is a professional designer and thematizer with extensive experience in the design and theme of zoos. It has a verified history in the design, planning and theme of habitats for a variety of species. It has designed habitats for a variety of species, including large mammals, elephants and giraffes, birds, reptiles and amphibians, as well as insects and other invertebrates. It has developed a wide range of imaginative and innovative solutions for enclosures, incorporating a variety of topics and materials to create unique habitats. David also has experience in the selection of appropriate species and the management of environments to guarantee a healthy and safe environment for animals. You can provide advice on the best ways to care for animals and ensure that they have an enriching and stimulating environment.

Our approach to design animal parks without architectural barriers, this implies an emphasis on accessibility, safety and inclusion. We strive to create an environment that is comfortable for all visitors, regardless of physical or mental skills. Our designs focus on creating roads and attractions that are easily navigable, in addition to providing seats and services that are accessible to all. In addition, we use natural materials and characteristics to create a more immersive and true experience. This includes incorporating elements of nature, such as trees, rocks and foliage, in the design to create a more realistic and interactive experience. Finally, we strive to create a park that is cozy and pleasant for all visitors when providing paths and attractions that meet the World Association of Zoos and Aquarios) (Waza), in addition to providing a wide range of activities and experiences for all ages and skills.

David has worked in the best zoos in Spain such as Bioparc and Terra Natura, among others, obtaining letters of congratulations and recommendation for the work done, he has been involved in wildlife conservation projects such as the Iberian lynx. In addition, one of his bases for the design of animal parks without architectural barriers is the well-being of the different species of the zoo in their day to day.  He is a great advocate for animal rights and works to ensure the best possible living conditions for all zoo animals.

We use the most advanced technologies and materials in the design and construction of our projects, ensuring that the finished product is of the highest quality and meets all safety standards. We are constantly investigating and developing new techniques to ensure that our designs are the most efficient and effective.

In David Theming Works, we understand the importance of creating sustainable environments for both humans and animals.

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