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Artificial rocks of high realism.


Artificial rocks are the most widespread and common decoration in both pools as theme parks and water parks, our artificial rocks are characterized by a contrasting realism and quality at the best level of current international theming .

We understand how theming creating unique and imaginative spaces that add value to the customer, facility or business that is included . A job well structured theming , designed and built , acts as a point of reference system in which the complex is located , whether sporting , cultural or entertainment . In DAVID THEMING WORKS, we believe that a good theming is what makes the best work of conceptual design and eventually the most careful and detailed preparation .

All this is possible thanks to the high qualifications of our staff, responsibility and rigor in the conduct of our projects.


Our experience in the design and construction of artificial rock quality makes our prefabricated artificial rocks an excellent choice to decorate the garden or to hide manholes or electric logs .

We carry prefabricated artificial rocks , so that works as an excellent choice for installation outdoors both for its aesthetic quality and texture as for their durability . We made to order prefabricated artificial rocks finished adjusting the textures , shapes and colors desired by the customer .

DAVID THEMING WORKS designs and builds artificial rocks , both walls or facades , artificial rocks imitating real rocks , caves, etc ....

If you want to decorate gardens and outdoor areas, these rocks are the best part to intone a natural plant and very useful to decorate your garden.

Another option in artificial rock, is the creation of walls and stone facades that give a medieval look , castle type .

You can also build with these rocks , monumental outdoor sculptures .

manufacturer of artificial rocks.
thematic company
manufacturer of artificial rocks.
We create the highest quality artificial rocks from the design created in 3d to the execution. Using the best materials, such as a specially manufactured mortar that includes microfibers and high resistance, to the best sculptural sculpture and the best applied paint.


As experts in the design of artificial rocks, rocky generate buildings large .

Simulating live riverbeds , realistically , having participated in major projects such as the naturalization of these facilities known golf courses, where we had to simulate rivers realistically with very satisfactory results on landscape integration in the vicinity of these facilities leisure and sports .

We start , as usual in our work at a detailed design phase of the project in his studio , to clear any difficulties in the construction process , for us design is essential to bring the quality of the finishes to a new level .


We design and build highly realistic artificial caves , playing high quality rocks to represent these particular spaces.

Our artificial caves are ideal for integrating inside a warehouse , where we performed our work once finished cave has hosted over a thousand bottles of wine. We use the built- in artificial rock to increase the exclusive and relaxing feeling of the internal lighting.

It is an excellent choice to decorate a dining room, a wine cellar, an exclusive space for exclusive moments .
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