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We combine our vocation and building skills in tune with the innovative creativity , generating the most diverse aesthetic compositions in the world of lighting . All our work is definitely a show for the customer and therefore configured luminous spaces that enhance intensely claim to have these decorations in complex projects where lighting installation. We fix the latest generation , designed facilities value fill facility in which they are located . From concept to creation of these magnificent evening shows.


We design and install lighting for waterfalls and pools that generate unparalleled magic and creativity , creating frameworks that provide unparalleled value to our customers.
Proper lighting in your garden or outdoor space creates a unique atmosphere to enjoy hours of it.

The light should be, a bit subtle, not very strong.
The points of light should illuminate the plants and shrubs.

The halls can also be illuminated , making light spots on their sides , following the path .
In any garden it is good to have focal points in each ornament you want to highlight , for example, a sculpture , a fountain, swimming pool, a very nice tree, etc ....

There are lights that turn on automatically by a sensor of darkness and another by the movement of people .

The security lights , these solar-powered , light from the sun falls .

We suggest:
Swimming pool lighting LED bulbs.
Optical fiber for your garden and swimmingpool.

design and installation of lighting for projects.
design and installation of lighting for projects.
design and installation of lighting for projects.
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