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We combine our innovative vocation with compositional creativity, generating the most diverse aesthetic creations in the world of lighting. All our work is ultimately a show for the client and for this reason we configure luminous spaces that intensely enhance the claim of having these decorations in complex projects where lighting is installed. We fix state-of-the-art facilities, designed to value the facilities in which they are located. From the concept to the creation of these magnificent night shows.


 Lighting for waterfalls and pools that generate unparalleled magic and creativity, creating frames that provide unique value to our customers.
Proper lighting in your garden or outdoor space creates a unique environment to enjoy for hours.
The light should be a little subtle, not too strong.
The points of light must illuminate the plants and shrubs.

The corridors can also be illuminated, making points of light on their sides, following the route.
In any garden it is good to have focal points in each ornament that you want to highlight, for example, a sculpture, a fountain, a pool, a very beautiful tree, etc…
There are lights that turn on automatically by a darkness sensor and another by the movement of people.
The security lights, these that are solar powered, the sunlight falls.
We are specialized in the creation of custom and personalized lighting projects, providing the best technical and aesthetic advice, in order to provide the best solution for the client. We carry out projects such as lighting for façades, gardens, terraces, interiors and exteriors. We also specialize in the creation of decorative lighting, such as light shows, decorative elements and special effects. In short, we're your ideal partner for the creation of the most innovative and beautiful lighting projects. We are confident that our services and solutions will help you to create the perfect lighting atmosphere.

We suggest you:
LED bulbs for pool lighting.
Fiber optics for your garden and pool.
design and installation of lighting for projects.
design and installation of lighting for projects.
design and installation of lighting for projects.
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