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PAINTBALL FIELD DESIGN                                                                                                                       

We have the tools , constructive and creative resources to generate innovative paintball fields completely , and in terms of quality versus only player in its field, paintball is a widespread practice of leisure these days but mostly suffers important aspects of the design and execution of the sets of quality playing fields . DAVID THEMING WORKS , is a leader in the design of new and challenging playgrounds that enhance the players back to the field and the first visit of new players company.
We help promote success in these fields , providing our constructive and creative skills to a high standard .
We apply our creativity to generate paintball fields with a strong added value , our strong ability to create creative designs parks, us work in attractive maps game set with the most amazing decorations and settings . We move the player pays his own universe that encourages investment and the return of the player and his reputation spread and in the world of sport.
In designing Paintball fields try to offer interesting ideas for quality paintball fields , facilities that want to differentiate themselves in a clear set its competition by offering themed paintball fields where the end customer is not just a game of paintball GAMBLE but to be introduced into a real adventure from minute one .


DAVID THEMINGWORKS is a company dedicated to the leisure sector , specializing in activities such as paintball, laser combat , theme parks, etc. , usually centered companies. Our main task is the design, development and counseling of all procedures related to these activities .

Whom we address :
We seek innovative companies that want advice on your cración paitball field because it is a market that offers great returns to / p.

Market research and business strategy :

We study the market, the economic structure and the functioning of your business . Offering a profitable business over time and resistant to changes in the marking.

We study the prospects to whom you are going to run , what are their needs , preferences and activities searched.

Study the competition .

Creation and design of your website, explaining your work in order to publicitaros .
Advertising campaigns.

Web Strategy : How to use social media for business purposes , which is the SEO ( search engine optimization ) is the SEM
Market orientation : as serving customers as their needs , such as launching advertising campaigns.

Guide you to put the best prices for a good price benefit, and how to optimize your business costs . Pricing Policy .
We offer to arrange your business in the best way and you can get the most in return

- You must provide clear explanations from the first moment .
- We design and manufacture your paintball field according to your tastes .
- We advise you in choosing the best games.
- We teach the proper use of these games and their teams.
- We explain what are the safety measures when using such equipment , such as air pressure , CO2 , masks , pumps , operation and arrangement of the markers.

Your staff in the field , we give the necessary training on security measures, as host and advise groups of players , such as opening and closing the paintball field and measures to take. Offer a training plan for staff of your field.
And of course, I need your insurance, licenses , and other bureaucratic procedures to follow. We will advise on all these steps in choosing each of the insurance.


The Survival Challenger concept is a paintball field that immerses the player in a tropical forest , which is waterfalls , ancient temples of remote civilizations , ponds, hanging bridges ... a fantastic set to the expectations of the players actually more demanding.


We create futuristic paintball fields , a set of interactive decorations that immerse the player in a great setting of robots , spaceships, alien planets, light and sound effects , a magical space that will delight the most demanding players.

This futuristic game gives , much game time approach different sections of the game map Paintball , galleries , trenches, stealth elements , interactive turrets , a wide range of activities that make this futuristic paintball field one of the best options.

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softball parks.
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