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Our creative ability is frankly backed by our work in landscape design and conceptualization , in the case of the MAGIC gardens , and vegetable THEMED  decorations, create green spaces that combine the best plants for their floral characteristics length to the chosen location . We strive to create a unique environment that will be an asset to the community and the surrounding area. We prioritize using sustainable landscaping practices, using native plants and local materials, while also providing a visually appealing and productive garden.


We design and install vertical gardens , autonomous , zero maintenance, very aesthetic for both walls as decoration of facades and building green homes .

Following the contemporary sensitivity generation spaces increasingly friendly to the environment . David Theming works , takes a step forward with its vertical gardens and green homes , to position our interest, will and commitment to a more sensitive and close to nature future.

Our vertical gardens are composed of an aluminum structure, in which we integrate irrigation systems, as well as a substrate and a wide variety of plants. All this allows us to create an element with a great visual impact that can be adapted to any space.   The materials and systems used in our vertical gardens are designed for a long life, with low maintenance and consumption. The plants used are specially selected for their low water consumption, durability and ability to adapt to the climatic conditions of the place.   Our design  is responsible for adapting the project to the place in order to obtain the best aesthetic and functional result. We also offer comprehensive maintenance services to ensure the best performance of our vertical gardens.

A sculpture created using plants is often referred to as a "plant sculpture." These sculptures can be created with a variety of living plants, including succulents, cacti, ferns, grasses, and other flora. People often combine plants of different shapes and sizes to create interesting designs, or use one type of plant to create a more uniform look. Plant sculptures can be used to decorate a home, garden, or public space, and can be made in a variety of sizes and styles. Some plant sculptures are designed to look like animals, faces, or other objects, while others are abstract designs.

sculptural theme gardens design and construction
sculptural theme gardens design and construction
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