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Ecological architecture of complete integration with the environment


Our creative and research , our ability takes constructive steps to configure solutions that generate a new era in housing construction .
A shift to ecological architecture bringing the individual and the group to a closer and more real contact with the natural environment.
These buildings , kept in a clear aesthetic balance of function and ecology.
Buildings no environmental impact , with a full landscape integration they want to be a shock and a revolution for a new era.


These properties arise from the very reflection of our times with our constant creative initiative and today we all clear that we must preserve the environment and make sustainable consumption. the best option is to create your own green home .

This type of house is being increasingly in demand due to climate change , pollution , lack of water, etc. .
We design and manufacture futuristic ecological homes .

All the elements that make these houses, from its structure and operating elements are respectful to the environment by reducing pollution. Nature is part of owning a home , both outside and inside.

This green home , the result arises , ask:

Can you live differently?
You can build different form ?
It's time to walk the path that brings us closer to nature?
We can live and inhabit this planet cleaner and respectful of our host planet form ?
It is time to rethink fundamental concepts of construction?

Our conceptual proposals come from a thorough analysis of these questions.

We try to answer these questions from our constructive creativity.

We try to bring family life to nature , creating this aesthetic- functional symbiosis.


Not only try to develop the aesthetics of housing but also the consciousness of people destined to live , visit or transit these green homes .

Our idea is to merge life and nature with the most advanced technology.

Realizing fully efficient buildings from the energy point of view , we do live in nature , since nature is in and out of these houses , nature completely surrounds these buildings form part of their facades, roofs , their interiors .. etc .

We make the experience of living in a house something new , fresh and full of vitality, with a full environmental integration.

Ecological housing DAVID THEMING WORKS  is a paradise of natural luxury . A mansion of vegetation and rocks with an energy-efficient use of all energy resources and the latest advances in bio- housing.

Man has occupied the planet for centuries and his understanding of housing has changed and evolved with the passage of time.

DAVID THEMING WORKS , offers our customers the evolution of the traditional design concept , and focus on an innovative, creative and aesthetically powerful way.

construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.


DAVID THEMING WORKS , designs and develops technical and aesthetic for these fantastic residential studies that combine in a single design both architecture and the contact with nature.
We studied pathways ambitious new building with a new sensibility, according to a nature friendly world.

Sustainable architecture, also called sustainable architecture, green architecture, eco-architecture and environmentally conscious architecture, is a way of designing the architectural project in a sustainable way, seeking to optimize natural resources and build systems in a way that minimizes the environmental impact of buildings on the environment and its inhabitants. We see ecological housing as a complete integration with the environment, a fusion with nature, using specially selected  vegetation along with high quality artificial rocks and waterfalls, together with themed pools, we create a magical environment, which introduces completely housing in nature.
Green architecture - Sustainable architecture project
ecological architecture
construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.
construction of ecological housing.
Green architecture - Sustainable architecture project
Green architecture - Sustainable architecture project
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