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We are fully dedicated to the design and manufacture of water parks with all its attractions , such as:
Slides, in all its aspects : speed , tunnels , ferries , career, etc ....
Interactive games :
Aqua sprays
infant Areas
Baby splash
Aquatic , mobile and fixed Figures :
Whale and giant octopus with interactive water jets .
Pirate ship with slides and interactive water jets .
Ton fire truck with slides and interactive water jets .

And countless figures.
Pools: Swimming pools with wave pools, surf , etc. .

We create innovative solutions in attractive and efficient water parks with an aesthetic that enhances the fun, own identity and commercial approach.

Our designs themed water parks are an added value for any obvious value leisure facility seeking to be listed as nationally and internationally .

Winter is the best time for both hotels and water parks have not yet themed spaces are put to it , always thinking about the summer is the strongest time for them , knowing that theming will get a unique product and differential .

The inclusion of monumental sculptures in these leisure spaces, facilitates that the whole aesthetic approach of the spectacular concept of the best entertainment centers in the world.

We carry out both the conceptual project and the technical and architectural development of the projects, dimensioning and calculating the facilities for the best performance of the elements.
From the basic project that is based on passing the entire conceptual project to autocad drawings in "DWG" format to the complete development of the entire architectural project: installations, foundations, structural calculations ... etc

10500 m2 water park

Technically we study in detail the efficiency of our creations, Studying its aesthetic efficiency and high functionality.

Aztec style water park3
Aztec style water park1

Water slides for children.
Children's water parks - diving areas.
Familiar water parks.
Wave pools.
Surf pools.

Water slides for adults.
Combination of open and closed water slides.
Optimization of output towers.
Custom colors.
aztec water park design
giant-cone-water-slide-design-construction (2)
aztec water park design
aztec water park design
giant-cone-water-slide-design-construction (2)
aztec water park design
Thunder Set
Thunder Set II
Paradise Set
Single Pack
Horizon Pack
Double Pack
Triumph Pack
Revelation Pack
Single Braking Lane
Triumph Pack II
Race Pack
Triumph Pack IV
Triumph Pack III
Race Pack II
Race Pack III
Rollercoaster & Waterpark
Race Pack IV
Family Pool
Paradise Pack
Poseidon Waterpark
Compact waterpark
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