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DAVID THEMING WORKS designs and themes zoological facilities of any size and type .
Our experience in designing and theming faunal campuses , working with different animals with very specific characteristics.

DAVID THEMING WORKS designs and themes all kinds of spaces. One of their latest projects and was curious zoo theming , creating detailed and accurate environments that look like the animals are in the same forest or in its specific natural environment , which aims DAVID THEMING WORKS is that the animal is in "semi- free " being the only barriers between visitors of the animal, natural barriers such as rocks, plants , rivers, etc . for example if it is a specific animal Savannah , DAVID WORKS theming , design and create an exact replica of its natural environment , so it appears that this animal is in their habitat , including the trees , ponds , plants, rocks limestones , granites , clays etc .

DAVID Theming Works , has worked for the Bioparc , "New Zoo Valencia" , for some the best zoo in Europe, Terra Natura Murcia, excellent zoo in the region of Murcia, and project work for the breeding of the Iberian lynx , the most exclusive and Spain threatened animal species , place only the most professional and serious professional teams can access .
Just as in aquariums and interpretation centers throughout the country , as Fluviarium Lierganes or interpretation center Tormes River and who design new actions and Gijón Aquarium or Eagles and other interpretive centers scattered over the country .
At present the new concept of zoo is a place where not only seeks to show a way to free the animals.
If that seeks to create a connection between the viewer and barriers animals without , and in that sense the quality theming is basic and fundamental , to represent that decorated with a plausible aesthetic.

From David Theming Works we believe that high-level theming , and diversification of textures applied to carved playing : limestone , granite , clay ... etc. . It is the secret of success of a zoo or fauna installation.

As experts in theming quality of our designs and constructs thematizations compete at the highest level .

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