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design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
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Our company designs and builds water parks of any size , creating efficiency and quality settings without leaving the attractiveness and quality of the theming , theming and the combination of water slides, is set to one of the most successful solutions for water parks, along with dedicated to rest , relaxation , dining and family entertainment spaces , are the key to success.


In DAVID THEMING WORKS , we believe that creativity is the way to success in any leisure facility , so our water slides , are today an ordered product for the discerning customer since joined the production of slides an exquisite decoration and theming of the highest level . Creating amazing user settings and fill with value added facilities of our customers.
The water slides for children and adults are essential in any quality themed pool . In our projects , design and build pools of highly creative and original slides , choosing any color and adding our excellent and imaginative theming high quality . We created slides projects from design to construction, that make our themed pools , a guarantee of success .


DAVID THEMING WORKS , manufactures and designs its own water slides, for installation in custom configurations, combining excellent water slides with the best theming of the moment. The water slides that makes DAVID THEMING WORKS comply with the technical specifications of the European Union , both in materials and construction safety regulations.

During the summer , one of the best options to enjoy together as a family , we attend water parks to enjoy different slides. Since these are intended to enjoy the little ones from the house to our elders.
Since then DAVID THEMING WORKS , manufacturer of water slides, create and design innovative models countless slides.
There are different kinds of slides, we make a brief description :

In these, users do not use tubes to descend. On the slide circulating water jets so that users can slide . These slides typically have a more upright so you can slide faster.

They are very similar to the former for its verticality and large , but users will enter a closed slide, ie a tunnel. You glide through this tunnel at high speed to fall into the pool

Are slides with multiple lanes , typically from 4 to 8 , one beside the other . This allows you to do fun races with people in the following lanes.

Slides with higher capacity , are a family slides, they can be used by an entire family . In a single raft usually fit on a 6.


Our company by their creative spirit and ability to work and make water generates new generation children's entertainment , creating new , unique and fun compositions that today mark the way of family fun.

We design and manufacture innovative water games , water games for children's pools, fun new decorations and sculptures , monuments for children and adult pools, waterfalls, large water slides decorated with high quality adult and children's pools .

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