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design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
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construction of pools for hotels.
construction of thematic family pools.


We are experts in the design and theming of themed pools and attractive value.

Pools that are paradigms and have a complex image reference and geographic area in which they integrate, act as magnets for the end user both for efficiency and comfort as for its great aesthetic appeal.

We created a line of products to enhance the interactive pool with a set of games dedicated to enhancing the interactivity within any pool, and especially a children's pool. This combined with high creativity and beauty of schematizations encompassing the whole environment of the pool, taking the children to environments full of magic and creativity.

The pools themed by DAVID THEMING WORKS designs and conducts are pools that fall into one body, various profiles Bather, by hosting each and every one of the needs of a wide range of audiences:

Areas of slides for the more adventurous .
Areas of waterfalls.
Areas spa, and whirlpool aqua therapy.
Open swimming areas .
Areas for younger children and their families.
Sporting activities and maintenance areas .
Splash zones with interactive games for babies


Diving sites .
Fish interaction zones .
Areas of chromo therapy.
Areas of music therapy.
Flotation zones.

With this range of solutions and answers , what we got is a comprehensive and powerful product that will make finishing a gravitational point of consumption, where:

Unique . Different. Efficient. Functional . And Handsome.

We believe that with these values , and the study and development of their interests and needs , the results of your investment will be multiplied.

From DAVID THEMING WORKS encourage them to know.
From a professional obligation to exceed expectations we are at your disposal.

Our pool themed Seychelles style is transferred to the end customer to a heavenly, tropical and exotic, by treatment of the landscape, including large rounded rocks typical of the islands, along with a study and integrating vegetation, combining waterfalls and sculptures monumental in composition, wood and elevated bridges spa facilities.

It is a pool worthy of a luxury space reserved for exclusive clients, and with very powerful business impact diffusion.


We calculate and install methacrylate’s dimension sizes, and both pools and aquariums.

Install methacrylate in a pool to get an underwater view of the pool over coffee in the lounge of the house is a unique and widely used in housing design, featuring DAVID THEMING WORKS practice, technical and installation we solve these methacrylate’s as aesthetically striking.


Our concern for our customers is to provide new solutions that will be unique in its industry, leads to research new multisport facilities and family entertainment .

DAVID THEMING WORKS projects these complexes, which may be incidental to the traditional pool where the client can immerse themself in an environment of corals and marine life, new sensations and impregnating bath experience.

In a tropical paradise. DAVID THEMING WORKS projects a real coral reef, where you can swim surrounded by authentic marine wildlife, and exotic and colorful species.


In our constant evolution in the research and development of products that meet the constant changing needs of most demanding customers, DAVID THEMING WORKS develops this concept of pools.

Swimming float focused on an audience looking, quiet, relax, and spa treatments to traditional pools do not offer.

These concepts were completed parallel with other activities and treatments such as:

Chromo therapy.
Music Therapy.

With which we provide a package of services for the most linked to relaxation and rest in their leisure time demanding guests.


In our clear line creative design and install granites 3d, with custom designs for each client creating true works of art durable and exclusive. Creating a line of high-end pool, where creativity and luxury become visible.


We design and build pools with slides, water slides manufactured in our own warehouse of over 1000m2, create high quality themed pools with slides, thanks to our experience David, designs and builds with his team themed custom pools where fun and the rest are supported.

themed swimming pool design and construction
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