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DAVID THEMING WORKS , designs and builds creative adventure parks , multi-sport complex , where the user can practice different sports with a touch of fun, adventure and entertainment. All in the same complex , we optimize our client 's investment offering very complete full value-added products.

With designs of Multi- adventure parks , we include a compendium of multisport activities, together in one installation create a highly potent product, adding concepts such as adventure and learning. Combining these parks even traditional water parks , generating new products for leisure and sport.

We develop unique designs and encompassing various disciplines in a single product:

Circuits traditional climbing on artificial rock.

Green bio- circuits or circuits climbing, a climbing wall that along the climbing routes pendant combines areas of natural vegetation , along with areas of rock.

Circuits caving. Circuits embedded in the rock where the visitor will find narrow waterways , road widenings , caves and caverns , stalactites , stalagmites , fossils and ancient rock paintings . Where will test your sense of direction as appropriate for these cruises climbing techniques .

Espeleobuceo circuits . Accessory circuits caving tour , where we add water areas where the visitor caving techniques combined with techniques of diving.

Circuits abseiling .
Our specialty is to locate gaps in these sports complexes to practice rappelling . Simas situate where waterfalls and enfatizen amplify the natural feel of rappelling .

Circuits ferrata . We like to make our climbing walls in the richest possible activities which will facilitate the customer in our designs the possibility of several tours of this type , which is juxtaposed with the set.

Bouldering Circuits type . We apply the complex areas of training and learning.

Climbing routes on monumental sculptures topics. Our most ambitious and creative commitment , focuses on the climbing wall as a not strictly sports area but also as a place for adventure and fantasy. These circuits project onto the monumental sculptures of ancient civilizations by roots or ancient ruins of ancient temples , creating an atmosphere conducive to climbing and discovery that will make the visitor feel like a real Indiana Jones, in an exquisite decorated out of the best genre films .

Ultimately our intention and the ultimate goal is to make these complexes unique facilities, which enhance the success of public benefits to increasing level of management for the owner. Emphasizing the operation of the complex as its aesthetic appeal and quality .

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