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                                                                                                     OCTOPUS WITH TENTACLES FOR WET WATER PLAYGROUNDS

We have created a line design and manufacturing, which is currently in high demand by the national and international market; this is the interactive children's pool, both in the form of traditional splash pool as in the form of dry or splash pool.

We create interesting, engaging and fun ways that make children of all ages with their parents and family to enjoy unforgettable moments, these games are games that can theming to suit the client with any theme, from references to marine spatial reference.

Our aquatic interactive games as octopuses are among the most innovative and unique in design and quality in the market. They are the perfect complement to paddling pools and water parks theming.

We use some fabulous colours and materials with which we obtain extraordinary results admired by children and adults. Fun with our fascinating octopus is guaranteed.
These fantastic interactive games are suitable for hotel pools, water parks and even private homes.

They are a beautiful decorative element and a source of wonderful entertainment. They can be used as decoration even in gardens of private homes as well as being a fantastic resource of fun for younger family members.
The design of our interactive water octopus is very convenient as well as very beautiful – it can have installed a number of different number of water fountains, which customers will really appreciate in hot summer days.

Interactive water octopuses designed and manufactured by DAVID THEMING WORKS  are sculptures and represent the work of a qualified professional team, becoming a true works of art, beautiful and very attractive. These figures have a high business potential, capable of enhancing the different types of business in the entertainment industry and especially with regard to children's entertainment.

DAVID THEMING WORKS is your partner, providing formulas for business success anywhere in the world.

design and construction of interactiveOCTOPUS WITH TENTACLES FOR WET WATER PLAYGROUNDS  (2)
design and construction of interactive games for pools,
design and construction of interactive games for pools,
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