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A Huge Paintball Field Project from David Theming Works

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A Huge Paintball Field Project from David Theming Works

In this video you can see the areas and the global appearance, and the impressive dimensions of one of the newest David Theming Works projects which is a huge themed paintball field in Barcelona.
Our project is different from many others, because of its size of 30.000 m2 and the way it is organized - in four different themed areas, which design makes it even more attractive.
Right after the entrance portal, on the right side is the first area of the paintball field, which is themed in the style of the “Wild, Wild West” where visitors can get into the role of cowboys and spend a day of "Western". This area is decorated with typical theme wooden houses and other buildings such as bank, church and bar, which has an architectural design of the American Wild West.
The second field area has a futuristic theme. To decorate it properly, our company use elements like spaceships, space station, red gas simulations as the ones which could be seen in the space and artificial rocks that recreate the look of the surface of planets without atmosphere. We have also added an artificial lake river that brings a fanciful appearance.
The next space we would find is the third zone of the paintball field. His theme is based on characteristics of the Cambodia and Thailand natural space. The buildings we have designed for this area have the features of traditional Asian architecture.
And the final zone is the "City of Fear" - is the fourth area, which theme represents ruined city where the nightmare and chaos reign. David Theming Works designed it using many creative resources to achieve that shocking effect - smoke, cemetery and ruined Gothic buildings; all that with a little frightening music will make us live the "thriller" in essence.
This paintball field is a big project for David Theming Works and it is an example of our potential and the fact that the theming is applicable to all types of spaces, providing new concepts and functions to its existence.

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