design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
design and construction of theme parks, design and construction of water parks
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Lighting installations in spaces theming from David Theming Works

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Lighting installations in spaces theming from David Theming Works

The spaces theming implies not just a design plan based on a theme, but also a special decorative elements use that constitute the final appearance of the themed area and will also provide the beautiful touch needed. A special factor, which David Theming Works use for thematic projects of all types, is lighting installations.
A properly selected light installations could convert spaces in places where the magic comes alive especially at night when this effect can be really appreciated.
The most impressive type of lighting with special qualities is the LED, which our company uses for its theming products. Such facilities have many advantages - lower energy consumption, longer life, reduced size, lower heat emission and a great variety of colours. They have a compact design which allows use in a multitude of business fields and especially in the field of art as spaces theming.
David Theming Works uses lighting as a decorative element in its present and future projects and designs. It is a complement full of magnetism and exotic in spaces such as themed pools, water parks, zoos, futuristic homes, hotels and theme parks.
In conclusion, these fabulous lighting installations illuminate the idea and beauty of our projects and bring pleasant atmosphere appreciated by all our customers.

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